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Brussels, 24 January 2023

Press Release
Release the handbrake!

End delays to legislative proposal on access to in-vehicle data and unleash Europe’s data-driven mobility markets...

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Brussels, 5 December 2022

Press Release
Danish AUTIG first national association to join ADPA

Today, ADPA warmly welcomes a new member: AUTIG, the Danish trade association representing aftermarket operators upstream repairers in the value chain...

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Brussels, 27 October 2022

Press Release
Lawsuit against excessive pricing, European judgement first step in the right direction

Today, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) backed ADPA on numerous points regarding the interpretation of the Type Approval Regulation...

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Brussels, 5 September 2022

Press Release
New ADPA Director General

Pierre Thibaudat, previously Manager for Governmental Affairs & Communication, has been appointed as new Director General of the European Automotive Data...

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Brussels, 23 June 2022

Press Release
New EU Data Framework can drive a wave of innovation in the European automotive and mobility services eco-system

European Independent Service Providers welcome a very positive dialogue with Commissioner Breton...

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Brussels, 1 March 2022

Press Release
ADPA Statement on Ukraine

The thoughts of the European automotive data publishers are with the Ukrainian people, to whom we express our most sincere solidarity and sympathy...

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Brussels, 26 October 2021

Press Release
Automatove data publishers launch a quality label

ADPA, the European Independent Automotive Data Publishers Association, aims to ensure fair access to automotive data and information as well as to provide competitive framework conditions for independent data publishers ...

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Brussels, 13 September 2021

Creating a level playing field for vehicle data access: Time for an ambitious legislation!

Ahead of the European Commission’s Workshop on “Access to In-Vehicle Data” on 17 September 2021, a broad coalition representing automotive aftermarket operators, vehicle dealers, mobility services and consumers urges the European Commission to publish an ambitious legislative proposal on access to in-vehicle data by the first quarter of 2022 at the latest...

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Brussels, 30 March 2021

Creating a level playing field for vehicle data access: Secure On-board Telematics Platform Approach

A large coalition representing automotive dealers, aftermarket and consumers is calling on the European Union to take on board its proposal for a Secure On-board Telematics Platform (S-OTP) when legislating on access to in-vehicle data. In the detailed document, “Creating a level playing field for vehicle data access: Secure On-board Telematics Platform Approach”, publishers of technical information, body repairers, dealers and workshops, garage equipment suppliers, tyre manufacturers, road patrols, parts distributors and leasing and rental companies, as well as consumers, provide technical and commercial arguments sustaining their recommendation.

It is a solution guaranteeing true consumer choice, effective competition and free entrepreneurship in a secure and technology-neutral manner.

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Brussels, 17 June 2020

For a resilient automotive aftermarket ensuring sustainable European mobility: 12 measures for the recovery and post-COVID-19 period

Together with six associations representing different sectors of the automotive servicing and mobility value chain, which brings together more than 500.000 SMEs and 4,3 million jobs, as well as the umbrella association of European SMEs, FIGIEFA has published today a set of 12 measures for the recovery and post-COVID-19 period.

This essential sector has been severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis and its economic and social consequences, putting the prosperous development of companies and of jobs is at risk. In order to allow a swift relaunch of the automotive aftermarket and assist the European Union’s institutions in identifying the appropriate measures on the recovery path, the signatories representing different sectors of the automotive/mobility value chain have prepared a set of 12 detailed recommendations.

These 12 proposals do not look only at measures and incentives which could address, in the short term, the imminent effects of the crisis and kickstart the economy, but in the medium- to long-term to build lasting and prosperous recovery making the entire sector stronger and more resilient to future unexpected events.

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Brussels, 19 November 2019

Manifesto for Fair Digitalisation Opportunities

Broad coalition calls upon EU decision makers to put forward legislation by 2020 ensuring a genuine digital level-playing field for remote access to in-vehicle data and functions.

In light of the new mandates of the European Commission and the European Parliament, a broad alliance of automotive sector and mobility services operators, insurers, consumers and SMEs representatives wishes to highlight the need for an updated, modern approach to the European digital economy that is in line with the institutions’ ambitious goals to foster innovation and legislate in a way that works for the modern economy.

One key element of this new approach should be remote, direct access to in-vehicle data and functional resources. A legislative solution allowing for this access would not only enable innovation, it would also improve consumer choice in the automotive aftermarket. Moreover, access to this data is essential in allowing for effective competition within the market and enabling the EU to become a frontrunner in connected and autonomous mobility and related-services.

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Brussels, 23 April 2018

Press Release
Broad industry coalition calls upon EU decision-makers to ACT NOW for equal access to in-vehicle data and functions

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Brussels, 9 May 2017

Vehicle Type-Approval framework revision: European Parliament pre-approves the Dalton report and gives mandate for IMCO Committee to start Negotiations with Council.

The European Parliament has established its position on the Vehicle Type-Approval Framework Regulation during the plenary session on 4 April. According to the new procedural rules of the EP, the Parliamentarians did not formally adopt the European Parliament’s position at this stage (first reading), but gave the mandate to the Internal Market - IMCO Committee in order to start informal (so-called “trilogue”) negotiations with the Council.

Prior to the vote, the MEPs debated the IMCO Committee report focusing mainly on the whether or not a new Agency should be created.

Rapporteur Dalton (ECR/UK) felt that the IMCO Committee had reached a good compromise which included a new market surveillance system in which 20% of new vehicles would need to be checked, a new forum with peer review and Commission involvement, independent auditors, no direct payment of fees from manufacturers to technical services and a proposal on consumer redress...

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Repair and maintenance information’s complexity is increasing quantitatively and qualitatively, and it is crucial to rely on trustworthy sources. ADPA Members have therefore launched a Label to guarantee that they commit to the highest standards in terms of data sourcing.

“An extremely high quality standard in terms of data publishing is more important than ever before – and all our members live up to this”

Ralf Pelkmann, ADPA President



ADPA, the European Independent Automotive Data Publishers Association, has the objective to ensure fair access to automotive technical information and to provide competitive framework conditions for independent data publishers. This will allow the publishers to be able to design and provide competitive, innovative and multibrand products and services to operators of the automotive aftermarket, enabling competitive choice to consumers and fleet operators in the care of their vehicles.

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ADPA, together with five other European associations of the automotive aftermarket, is an active member of AFCAR (the Alliance for the Freedom of Car Repair in the EU). Created in 1997, AFCAR aims at promoting access to technical information and more generally to all features that allow all the multi-brand aftermarket operators to perform repair and maintenance services.

The Members of the AFCAR Alliance are:

Independent Data Publishers

European Independent Data Publishers Association

Dealers and Repairers

European Council for Motor Trades and Repair

Garage & Test Equipment Manufacturing

European Garage Equipment Association

Consumers & Road Patrols

Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, Region I

Independent Parts Distribution

International Federation of Automotive Aftermarket Distributors

Leasing and Rentals Industry

European Leasing and Rentals Industry

Body Repairers

International Association of Body Repairers


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